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Plays and Musicals for Classes, Touring Companies,
and Community Theatre Groups at affordable prices.
Modular Time Lengths Available-Short, Med, Long

DVD's of most shows are available for you to view and use as inspiration for your own Production. You are welcome to copy blocking, choreography, costumes . . . anything! You may order your copy once the Royalty Agreement is signed.
All of the plays and musicals have been produced by our local Award Winning Young People's Theatre Company - The Nevada County Performing Arts Guild - PAG - 27 Years Young. Just click on any play to the left (Below) to see pictures of each performance.
Please call me with any questions:
(530) 477-5575
(530) 432-4344

Mila is available to offer ideas and/or answer any of your questions about any subject. ie set, costumes, advertising, auditioning or . . . she is a wiz at making stunning shows with little or no funds.



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Directors and Teachers

Dear Directors & Teachers,
Being a drama teacher myself for the past eighteen years, I have led a nearly impossible and never-ending search for quality plays and musicals for my various classes and community theatre groups with whom I work. On my bookshelf, I have every play catalog available. But like many teachers and directors I need well-written plays for thirty or more actors.
For many years, I read about eighty plays a year trying to find material. Out of those eighty plays, maybe ten were suitable for my needs. Maybe! So, one day, I decided to use my writing talent to create plays that would satisfy my needs perfectly. I wanted quality . . . manageable lengths . . . adjustable numbers of characters . . . strong audience draw . . . etc.
The plays have been so successful in Northern California that I thought I could help other schools and theatre groups in the U.S. and around the globe to enjoy the same success - whether small or large, tightly financed, with experienced or first-time actors!
The concept I present in this catalog is simple.
It is a Modular Concept...
. . . Versatile and easy-to-use, providing you with choices that will help you
tailor each play to your special needs.

Each play is offered in three time lengths:
1. Full-length plays are created to last 1 hour + 15 minutes to 1 hour
+ 45 minutes.
2. The Medium length script will perform in 45 minutes to 1 hour + 15
3. The Short length productions will last 25 minutes to 45 minutes.
Actual timing depends upon your theatre group’s pacing.

The plays are designed to be successful for smaller groups through multiple casting and for larger groups through the use of extras.
Most plays in this catalog have already been performed by both child and adult casts - each proving to be a popular success. Over the years, I have discovered that children need and do better with sophisticated material, not material which speaks down to them. That is why our plays are so versatile with age groups. They are written at a level which has proven to be exciting and motivating for adults who are doing theatre for children, and yet they are stories that children love and understand. If you are ready to energize your theatre experience and enjoy smashing successes for years to come . . . order our Play Preview Package - ten long length versions of your choice. This catalog may enable you to plan your next two years of theatrical productions.

Note of Interest: The 1/2 hour versions have been written especially for classroom situations--for the drama or classroom teacher. Also, you may use three 1/2 hour versions to create a full-length show featuring three classics!




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