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The Science Project

Written by Mila Johansen

8 to 12 characters depending upon if doubling
Approximately 45 Minutes

The Science Project is an entertaining educational performance piece hosted by Albert Einstein, himself. Through a series of discoveries, Professor Einstein convinces the young people in the cast--and audience--that they, themselves, are capable of discovering or inventing something important. Albert’s good friend, Thomas Alva Edison, crashes on in his own fantastic invention--a time machine--that astounds even the professor. Tied together with three spunky reporters, The Science Project makes science accessible and interesting to everyone.

The Science Project is a piece that can be performed in many capacities. It can be just that--a performance piece--or it can be done by a group of kids for other kids; school assemblies, Saturday Morning Educational Outreach, etc. We conducted a Saturday Morning Educational Outreach program. We had one cast performing Mr. McGregor’s ABC Garden for the very young children and then the older performers doing The Science Project for the older kids. Each Saturday morning, we had two forty-five minute productions running consecutively, using the same set.

SET NOTES: The Science Project and Mr. McGregor’s ABC Garden were both designed around a sensational, yet optional, set idea. It was written with the concept of a wall with a door and four windows--much like the wall in the old television program, Laugh-In. So, when many of the actors speak, they first open a window and when they are finished, they shut the window. It was a huge success--the audience, as well as the actors, loved the wall with the windows flashing open and shut throughout the production. The door is used to get actors out onto the stage for various parts. The wall is a stunning set piece that can be constructed by a good carpenter.

Available in one length only: Order Number 19




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