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Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Cut, with Angelic Narrators Added by Mila Johansen
Can be made into a musical by adding suggested pieces
Approx. 35 speaking parts - doubling possible - extras may be added

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare’s more festive pieces. Using disguise, misunderstanding and mistaken identity, it provides both cast and audience with an outstanding stage rollick. There are several concurrent plots. It is one of Shakespeare’s most delightful comedies and yet demonstrates many facets of the meaning of love.


This version of Twelfth Night has been cut by one third, eliminating all of the Old English profanity and making the timing more available to general audiences. Optional angelic narrators have been added. Also, optional silent cherubs have been added, carrying signs. And optional troubadours have been added, with other snippets and small pieces of Shakespeare’s works. All these have been added to extend the cast and are generally for younger audiences and should be cut, if you want a smaller cast or your audiences are comprised of mostly adults.
Viola has survived a shipwreck and is stranded on a beach in the foreign land of Illyria. In fact, this is the scene that ends the movie Shakespeare In Love. She weeps for her twin brother, Sebastian, whom she strongly resembles, and whom she believes went down with the ship. She dresses herself as a man for the purpose of traveling safely in a strange land. She offers her services at the court of Duke Orsino, as the young man, Cesario. She secretly falls in love with Orsino who is in love with a noblewoman named Olivia. Olivia does not return Orsino’s affections and he sends Cesario/Viola to speak on his behalf. Olivia falls in love with Viola, thinking she is the young man, Cesario.


Meanwhile, Sebastian has survived and is mourning the supposed death of his beloved sister. He arrives in Illyria some weeks later and, as you can imagine, is mistaken for his sister, whom everyone thinks is the young man, Cesario. Olivia marries Sebastian thinking he is Cesario. Later, when Sebastian and Viola are reunited and stand side by side, all in Illyria are amazed.
Other characters with comical bents conduct subplots to make up this delightful piece that is Twelfth Night!

Modular Time Lengths Available
Plays...Long: 24A, Medium: 24B, Short: 24C

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