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McGregor's ABC Garden

mcgregors abc garden musical play

Written by Mila Johansen

Ten characters
Approximately 45 Minutes

Mr. McGregor’s ABC Garden is an entertaining educational romp for audience children ages 6 and under. Every child loves rabbits, especially rabbits that speak. It features characters from Beatrix Potter’s famous tale: Mr. McGregor, Peter Rabbit, his mother, his cousin Benjamin and his three sisters. Also featured are the three happy frogs, Flippy, Hoppy and Tumby. Mr. McGregor has just discovered that due to the popularity of bunny rabbits among small children, the Bunny Rabbit Protection Act has just been passed. Much to the delight of Peter and his family, Mr. McGregor has decided to grow enough food to feed his own family and the bunnies. He enlists the help of the rabbits and the frogs to think of fruits and vegetables from A to Z. Mr. McGregor is about to find out exactly how smart the bunnies really are.
Even adults bringing their children to the theatre enjoy this delightfully witty script. It is colorful, fast-paced, and incorporates many of the building blocks that promote the learning patterns of the very young child. Peter Rabbit loves his vegetables so emphatically that most children will leave the theatre wanting to eat more vegetables themselves.
It is suggested that older children perform this piece for younger children,or adults who are presenting children’s theatre. Special Note: The optional wall may or may not be used as specified in set notes under The Science Project on opposite page.

MR. MCGREGOR: (Reading the newspaper, loudly) The Bunny Rabbit Protection Act? (He drops the paper down, still holding on to it, so now we can see the odd expression on his face) The Bunny Rabbit Protection Act? That means no more rabbit pie. No more rabbit stew. No more rabbit . . . (His face drops in deep disappointment)
ALL RABBITS: (Opening windows) Souffle!

Available in one length only: Order Number 20



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