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The Oz Trilogy


History of the OZ Books

Frank Baum wrote fourteen OZ Books, introducing 850 amazing characters. The works of Frank Baum are perhaps the most accessible, innovative, and age-appropriate classics available. The works are entirely universal and devoid of any stereotypes or prejudices. They could be any nationality and yet do not belong to any one nationality. I have found the OZ stories to be marvelously empowering for children. Each play in the OZ Trilogy can be performed completely independently of the others, or, done in succession. The characters Baum introduced are some of the most imaginative characters ever put into story books. In each consecutive book, new characters are integrated while the beloved ones are brought back, such as the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion and even Dorothy.


I think many of us can thank Frank Baum for giving us a good solid
foundation in fantasy. I specifically credit my well developed imagination to Frank Baum and his Muse. When I was a child I read all fourteen of his books over and over and over. My mother had all the books in the original bindings from her childhood in London. You might just say I was raised in OZ. It’s sad to say, but, I’m one of the few people I know who has read or even knows about Baum’s other books. Most people are only familiar with his first book The Wonderful Wizard of OZ because of the MGM movie made in 1939. I have found that his first book was the least interesting to read and by his second OZ book, he had the makings of a very good writer. It was MGM that brought his first book to life.

Baum’s second book, The Lost Princess of OZ is perhaps my favorite book to read. The story is rich with plots and subplots that eventually weave together by the end of the book. It is the story in which we meet the princess, Ozma, who is in all the subsequent books. Dorothy doesn’t return until Frank’s third book which is actually titled, Ozma of Oz.
The whole OZ odyssey began with bedtime stories that Baum would tell his own children. Soon Oz had become quite a real world within their minds and they kept at him for more information that eventually he turned into books. For a long time the magical land didn’t have a name and one day, when his children pressed him for a name, his eyes frantically searched around the room for ideas. His eyes landed on his filing cabinet which said O - Z. It was the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 which began the wheels turning in Frank Baum’s head. He was completely mesmerized by all the new and upcoming scientific discoveries and it was there that the seed for The Emerald City was planted.
Frank Baum was a prolific writer. He was actually known for his book, Father Goose, before he wrote the fourteen OZ books. He also wrote 39 pseudonymous books, 44 plays and 45 songs.


The Ozard of Wiz

The First Book!

Script by Mila Johansen

Adapted for the stage from Frank Baum’s Classic
The size of the cast may vary depending on how many Munchkins, Citizens and Winkies you may decide to use.
Lots of doubling is possible.
38 possible speaking parts - 23 actors with doubling or less

Full of twists and turns, spinning circles around Frank Baum’s classic, The Wizard of Oz. Modern, witty, full of one-liners such as: “The greatest invention since the espresso machine is plastic! I’ve got’em in every shape, size and color! Look out shop owners, Penny Pearl’s about to charge!” . . . spoken by Penny Pearl, the Good Witch of the South--Glinda’s (the Good Witch of the North) sister -- who, like many of us, is obsessed with shopping. Or: “Here I was, thinking I was a really bad witch on a limited income, and come to find out that times have passed me by. I’m a fossil, a relic! I ought to be put in a museum!” . . . spoken by Zorna, the obviously behind-the-times but revered nonetheless, Wicked Witch of the West.
The Ozard of Wiz keeps in sync with the original story, yet breathes in new life by adding new characters, some new problems and some new answers.
The Ozard of Wiz has all the ingredients for a spectacle on a grand scale and is equally effective done stylistically with simple sets.
This is a sensational script that sweeps the audience off its feet!

Modular Time Lengths Available
Plays...Long: 9A, Medium: 9B, Short: 9C

Also available:
Video Tape

The Lost Princess of Oz

The Second Book!

Script by Mila Johansen

Adapted for the stage from Frank Baum’s Second Book,
"The Land of Oz"

40 characters - lots of doubling possible - extras can be added

What do a boy named Tip, a pumpkinhead named Jack, the Thoroughly Educated Professor Woggle Bug and his secretary, Miss Tuggle Bee have in common? They are all on their way to the Emerald City for the first time! Tip and his own creation, Jack Pumpkinhead, who was brought to life by “The Magic Powder,” are escaping certain destruction from the old witch, Mombi, when they run into the Professor and his super smart secretary. On their way, the four new friends meet up with General Jinjur and her all-female army, who are also on their way to the Emerald City. They plan to conquer the city and govern it them-selves.The four friends speed ahead and warn the Scarecrow who is now ruler of OZ. The Scarecrow King and his friends, the Lion and the Tinman, spring into action enlisting the help of Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Their only hope is to find the lost princess of OZ--who, as it happens, is right under their noses. Tip, the boy, much to his dismay, is actually Ozma, the lost princess of OZ, transformed many years ago by Old Mombi. Frank Baum’s odd and wonderful, new and familiar characters provide the material needed to make a spectacular production.

Modular Time Lengths Available
Plays...Long: 10A, Medium: 10B, Short: 10C


Ozma of Oz

The Third Book!

Script by Mila Johansen

Adapted for the stage from Frank Baum’s Third Book
Approx. 38 characters - doubling possible - extras may be added

In his third book, Frank Baum brings back the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. Even Dorothy returns in the Third Book of OZ!
In Ozma of OZ we meet Billina, an intelligent chicken who can talk; Tiktok, the mechanical man; the terrible Wheelers; the conceited Princess Langwidere; and the wildly eccentric Nome King and Queen.
Dorothy is on a ship bound for Australia with her Uncle Henry. A huge storm comes along and washes her overboard. She desperately clings to a large chicken coop that goes floating by and soon finds herself washed ashore in a strange land. She then learns just how strange and wonderful things really are when she meets a talking chicken and picks lunch boxes off a lunch box tree. “I’m sure this is a fairy country. I’ve never seen a lunch box tree in Kansas. Besides, Billina, you wouldn’t be able to talk in any civilized country, like America.”
Dorothy and Billina meet Tiktok, are chased by the Wheelers, imprisoned by Princess Langwidere and then rescued by her old friends, the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. They introduce her to the new ruler of OZ, Ozma. Dorothy and Ozma immediately become lifelong friends. They then set out with the rest of the royal entourage to rescue the Royal family of Ev, who are being held prisoner by the eccentric Nome King.
Ozma Of OZ is sure to bring alive the imaginations of both cast and audience members. And it is a wonderful chance for any director to exercise stylistic stage adventure. All outlined in the script, the optional ideas are innovative and very easy to implement.

Modular Time Lengths Available
Plays - Long: 11A, Medium: 11B, Short: 11C

Also available:
Video Tape

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